Helen Lau

Helen Lau


Helen has been practicing Tai chi since 1998 with various instructors, but she was never satisfied because she didn’t feel like she was learning the true meaning of this martial art. In 2006, Helen joined Ji Hong Tai Chi College in Richmond Hill, and under the guidance of Master Bao Sen Liang, she was able to not only improve her mental and physical skills, but also gained an in-depth understanding of Tai Chi Chuan along with its principles.

​Her Tai Chi teaching experience as a qualified Ji Hong Tai Chi instructor started in 2010. Since then, she has gained much appreciation of students at all levels regarding their needs, and often, their challenges in understanding Tai Chi. Helen’s objective is to create a friendly and relaxed environment for her students, with encouragement and a systematic approach to teaching. She also connects with her students and checks for their understanding. It gives her great satisfaction when she hears feedback from students that they find enjoyment and health benefits from learning and practising Tai Chi in her classes.

​In August of 2013, Helen had the opportunity to participate in the 7th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in the City of Jiaozuo in China’s Henan province, the founding place of Chen Style Tai Chi. She received a bronze medal in her age group, and she was grateful to Master Liang for his guidance and encouragement.

​Helen is a firm believer that Tai Chi is an excellent exercise that can help everyone’s mental and physical well-being, no matter if you are young and aged. At Ji Hong, we believe and practice the old Chinese saying that “learning is boundless”. Regardless of your proficiency in Tai Chi, we are here to help.