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Tai Chi Forms

There are many different family styles of tai chi. They all share the same origin and their fundamental principles are pretty much the same. However, each style has its own unique characteristics and emphasizes a particular aspect of movement or principle. To that end, let’s explore the current main family styles of tai chi.

Tai Chi Weapons

There are many different types of weapons that can be practiced with Tai Chi. By understanding the different types and unique characteristics of each weapon, it can help us enhance our tai chi skills.

Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai Chi practice can be classified into two main groups; self control and control of others. Tai Chi push hands practice falls in the latter group. It is popular because it does not require any equipment, is relatively low risk and push hands training is fun. Tai Chi Push Hands has basically two types: pre-defined and free style movements.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong Health consists of slow body movements coordinated with natural breathing to stimulate the energy flow through our bodies to improve our health and well-being.


The conditioning class introduces a variety of exercises with the aid of equipment in order to train internal power (Jing) and physical fitness.