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Qi Gong

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Qi Gong Health

Qi Gong Health classes involve exercises that combines three major elements: body movements, breathing and psychological adjustment, to achieve many benefits for the body, such as helping to enter calmness, expelling the old and receiving the new, clear the meridians of blockages, stimulate circulation, promote metabolism, and soften the limbs.

Qigong has a long history. Over the past thousands of years, our ancestors have accumulated vast experiences with a countless number of different qigong schools. To promote qigong exercises in a standardised and effective way with a scientific approach, the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) invited experts to research and develop new sets of qigong exercises called “health qigong”,  which reorganizes traditional qigong to make it easier to learn and have more fitness value.

The qigong that we teach is primary from the sets developed by the CHQA, such as: Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue and so on. It is easy to learn and very effective, so everyone can practice with confidence.

Qi Gong Tai Chi

Our Qi Gong and Tai Chi class combines the benefits of Qi Gong Health and Tai Chi in the same class. Students in this class will practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi respectively. This course is specially designed for beginners who want to improve their physical fitness. In addition, students who are practicing Tai Chi will also benefit by increasing their knowledge of Qi Gong and the basic techniques and single exercises of Tai Chi.