Our Teaching System

Our Teaching System

Welcome to Ji Hong Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Ji Hong Tai Chi System

In the “Ji Hong Tai Chi System”, complex Tai Chi theory and principles are taught in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand manner.  Thus students are able to apply these principles in their tai chi training, through different styles of Tai Chi and Weapons forms, as well as Push Hands practices.

Basic Tai Chi Requirements

The following are some of the basic tai chi requirements being taught:

  1. The preparation state:  relax and sink, locate one’s center of gravity, and balance
  2. Coordination of eyes, body, arms, and mind; develop correct body posture, strength and flexibility; leading to a unified elastic body
  3. Create your Dantian: develop and use “internal” energy
  4. The mechanism of internal energy: distinction between internal strength ( pressure ) vs. external ( muscular ) power; manipulate internal pressure, leading to transmitting both through the body
  5. To get rid of stiffness to become relaxed, from relaxed to find strength, and ultimately achieving the merging of these two


Our school offers the following courses, from beginner to advanced levels:

  • Yang Style Tai chi
  • Chen Style Tai chi
  • Wu Style Tai Chi
  • Sun Style Tai Chi
  • Hao Style Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Sword
  • Tai Chi Sabre
  • Tai Chi Spear
  • Tai Chi Long Pole
  • Tai Chi Fan
  • Push Hands
  • Qi Gong Health
  • Conditioning