Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai Chi Push Hands

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Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai Chi Push Hands is a sparring exercise consisting of pre-defined single and double hand formats, and free-style competition type formats.

Pushing hands is a sport worth promoting because it helps to develop not only the body’s physical fitness, but also the mind and tactile nerve, as learners are trained to constantly respond to their opponent’s changing movements. ​

Push hands training is also a good complement to forms practice. When  pushing hands, you are actually applying Tai Chi principles against a human opponent who is constantly using various techniques to disrupt and interfere with you. Are you able to maintain your balance and stability, while at the same time make your opponent lose power? If you feel inadequate in your push hand practice, then take the lessons learned and strengthen your practice in the area that is lacking in your solo forms practice.

Pushing hands is a very worthwhile exercise for improving your Tai Chi skill level.

Push Hands Competition

In push hands competition, there are two main types: Fixed-step push hands and Moving-step push hands. In Fixed-step, any movement of the feet off the ground or hands/knees touching the floor will be considered as out of balance. In Moving-step, the perimeter is set, and being knocked down or out of the perimeter counts as a loss. Competitive Push Hands is a good way to test your skills and understanding of tai chi.