Aileen Wong

Aileen Wong


Aileen’s enthusiasm for Taijiquan traditional martial arts began in 2010.  She and her husband visited the open house of  the Ji Hong Tai Chi College in Richmond Hill.  They saw the inspiring  performances of the instructors.  Aileen was attracted by the natural,  beautiful, smooth and harmonious movements of Tai Chi, and then she signed up at  the spot to become a Ji Hong student.

Many medical reports believe that practicing  Tai Chi is good for both physical and mental health. Soon after Aileen’s first level of Taijiquan class , she realized and totally agreed with the fact that practicing Taijiquan requires high concentration of the mind and no distracting thoughts, which can calm the mood and then achieve the effects of decompression and help the soothing of pain.

Under the guidance of Master Bao Sen Liang and a long period of training on various styles of Tai Chi forms, Qigong  and weapons, Aileen has reached an advance level in Tai Chi and then extended to  complete the instructor course.  Since 2018 being an official Taijiquan instructor, Aileen is dedicated in every aspect of her teaching to raise the interest of her students and to lay out lessons so that they can easily grasp the main points of techniques.

Aileen is attentive to the progress of students, and the class atmosphere has always been pleasant through seeing her conscientious, patient, caring characteristics, and especially considerate in her teaching approaches by use of simple language, clear demonstration of movements and detailed explanations of routines.  As an instructor and a friend, good relationship between Aileen and her students is indeed built up by sharing, listening and trusting.

Last but not least,  Aileen treasures and feels that sharing experiences and listening to the students’  voices is also a pleasure.  She hopes to share her passion of Tai Chi with others, and passes on the quintessence of the martial art that she has learned.